lunedì 23 agosto 2010

Take Off

sitting down here
waves are crashing all around
mind stands still
while I stand aside
runnin' against the grain
I can't explain
time spent wasted

moving like waves
draw a line in sand at pain
back, forward
and then come back again
discover the past,
erase and save as
passing lane ahead

I’ve tried now to find, no matter how obscure
out the things kept in silence, hid in past and secured
and Where all started who draw my life abandoned

silence now speaks
my mind feels free to look around
regrets laid bare
still closed apart
future now comes
I feel too high
past recall again

starting ending day
sun goes down moon rises again
playin’ hide and seek
lost and found
in the blink of an eye,
stop wasting time
light now shuts down 

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